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Almost everybody wishes they kept up with lessons. If you aren’t currently playing, it’s not your fault.

You were most likely taught the wrong way or you’re part of the lucky few. We eliminate this problem for children.

What separates us from the pack

We don't teach you "about" music; we teach you to BE musical.

We teach you to fully understand music, so that it sticks—forever. Like balance on a bicycle, music taught this way doesn't go away.

Children as young as 4 and 5. . .

At this age, they can do what I couldn't do even after college. Why? Because I was taught wrong. I was taught lines and spaces and note names. I wasn't taught to hear and understand MUSIC.

Babies and Toddlers

Have the biggest advantage due to their extraordinary rate of brain growth especially before 2 years old. Start early. Sing dance and play at home the same way you walk and talk around them.

"The classes with Dr. Eric Rasmussen are great: both my children have taken them ...and I wish I could have too! Eric knows children of the age groups he teaches extremely well and he has studied and researched extensively about music and children. He introduces them to the music basics with the aid of different types of music and pieces of various backgrounds and cultures, making the class experience a serious, diverse and yet fun time. For all these reasons, I truly believe he has developed "the perfect way" to teach them. Kids learn without knowing it and indeed become more musical and better human beings, as I have seen this happen with my own kids. Thank you, Eric !"

FB – Parent


We have developed, using 30+ years of the best research—but always learning from the children—a fun and easy way to help children maximize their innate musical abilities.

It looks like fun and games and sometimes silliness from the outside, but there is a full-blown race car engine under the hood. As children get ready to move to the next level, they’re already equipped to succeed. Learning this way is natural. It keeps them engaged. If they can’t do something, it’s not them. It that there’s missing piece that the teacher needs to know when and how to replace it.


Look around the site at videos and our results. Read the testimonials. Soak up the information and then of course we’d love to hear your feedback and your questions. There are no bad questions, just the ones that weren’t asked.